Cyjax monitors the Internet to identify the digital risks to your organisation, including cyber threats, reputational risks and the Darknet.

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Cyjax Technology Stack

The Cyjax Technology Stack is a portfolio of custom-built technologies designed to provide automated collection, processing, monitoring and advanced analytical capabilities of threat intelligence information.

Cymon™ - User Dashboard

The Cymon™ User Dashboard is the beating heart of the platform: a simple, intuitive user experience that brings all the information outputs together to provide custom views of real-time threat intelligence data, alongside an essential set of advanced tools that deliver cutting edge analytical capabilities to end users, all wrapped up in a nice familiar and very simple interface.

Daily Brief

The daily briefing service is a real-time incident reporting feed, available through the platform or via API. Using optional industry verticals, users can view a running commentary of the day’s key cyber events within their sector, or those around them.

Hacker Profiles

One of the most extensive and up-to-date databases of hackers available, this provides a single profiling resource that enables intelligent risk assessment of the threats posed by known actors, and provides a valuable resource for investigations.

Operation Profiles

One of the most extensive databases of @Anonymous -themed hacktivist operations in existence today, designed to enable monitoring and threat analysis both during and after the event.

Whitehat Profiles

Friend or foe? Responsible or irresponsible? So-called whitehat hackers have proven unreliable when it comes to working within critical timing frameworks that businesses need when dealing with zero-day vulnerabilities in their production environments. Whitehat profiling ensures that you know who you are dealing with before you respond.

Darknet Seller Profiles

Darknet Sellers often operate across multiple marketplaces simultaneously. Our Darknet Seller Profiles track those movements and provide an item list view for each of the marketplaces they trade in.


Mapping, monitoring and mirroring the Darknet’s most prolific marketplaces, forums and websites, the DarkWatch™ module provides unparallelled capabilities, helping you to identify brand and personal exposure, discover emerging threats and understand the shape they are taking and how they may impact your assets in the near or long-term. Our unique technology allows you to interact with and study the Darknet with no footprint and at no risk to you or your organisation.


Our Paste monitoring service is built to capture third-party data asset exposure. Collecting pastes across multiple websites, PasteWatch™ automatically extracts your intellectual property from user credentials and exposed credit card data, to outsourced software development. Also available via API, the PasteWatch™ service can push credentials and exposed credit card numbers directly to your SOC upon discovery.


With a built-in customisable sentiment analysis dictionary, our Twitter monitoring capability lets you define the threat triggers that relate to your requirements. This helps you to stay on top of incoming social media Tweets, identifying trends and patterns which quickly determine any emerging threats or threat actors. You can mine your accumulated TweetStore to generate metrics and visual representations of the data. TweetWatch™ also helps you quickly ascertain whether your Twitter accounts have been compromised.


YouTube has long been a platform for sharing both social and anti-social content. Our latest ‘Watch Service’ brings brand exposure coverage and automated assessment of all YouTube videos targeting your trademarks.


Scanning thousands of news sites in over 100 countries, the NewsWatch™ service will, in near real-time, automatically capture any mentions of your brands in the global press – in a broad range of languages.


PiiWatch™ ™ is an automated real-time data leak discovery and extraction module. It is designed to search and discover personally identifiable information related to your staff, customer and supplier networks. With GDPR legislation coming into force in May 2018, a fully automated, advanced S&D solution will alert you to exposure and help identify weaknesses in your technology chain, and that of your third-party network. PiiWatch™ is also available via API .


Every day we intercept thousands of exposed credit cards with enough Pii to enable fraudulent transactions. CCWatch™ provides feeds to retailers and suppliers, helping them detect and prevent the fraudulent use of stolen credit cards on their networks. Banks and credit card companies can automatically detect and extract their card exposure inside massive data leaks and through our PasteWatch™ service. Also available via API.


Create, in real-time, fully interactive multi-series intelligence metrics. Use the power of natural language search terms to create historical trend maps from billions of data points across every data store available in the platform. Create real-time content monitors for your dashboard, or embed them right into your custom user reports. Intelligent Metrics come in many shapes and sizes, and can be applied to any integrated external data feeds.

Live Feeds

This works by collecting reputable open source feeds for verified phishing campaigns and websites that have been compromised. API connectivity provides you with a single point of collection.

Holistic Graph Analysis

Looking to explore the links between actors, operations, social media posts, websites, forums, marketplaces, mainstream news, Twitter, YouTube, the Darknet and numerous other data? Graph analysis tools are built right into the Cymon™ technology stack, enabling users to discover ‘the big picture’ as well as unknowns about those targeting you and your organisations.

Blacklists & Endpoint Protection

Throughout the day, the Cymon™ technology stack accumulates a great deal of information concerning compromised devices. It orders this into succinct data feeds for integration with corporate infrastructure security frameworks. It also detects emerging malware and ransomware strains and their exponentially increasing number of daily variants, as well as targeting the emerging distribution networks. The Blacklists & Endpoint Protection service is designed to add value to existing solutions, providing an extra layer of assurance. No single source can hope to catch everything: a distributed defence strategy is the only way you can protect your brand. Also available through our API.

Threat Intelligence
Reporting and Analysis
Cyber Fusion Engine
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Cyber Insights

General Data Protection Regulation

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