Cyjax monitors the Internet to identify the digital risks to your organisation, including cyber threats, reputational risks and the Darknet.

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Incident Reports

The Cyjax research and analyst team is highly skilled in all technical disciplines, and trained to provide first-line assessments of global cyber events. Providing situational awareness based on and backed up by factual information, the team produces up to 50 new incident summaries each day, helping you and your organisation to make informed decisions in response to cyber events.
Country Risk Profiles

Profile the risk to your cyber assets or aspirations in multiple countries around the world. Stay up to date with legislation that may affect your assets, and track the most recent activity from that region around cyber-crime, political activism, state-sponsored threats and general hacking activity.
User Reports

Create and store content-rich reports. Design output templates with embedded files and metrics. Draw on external content to help consolidate essential information in a single environment.
Threat Intelligence
Reporting and Analysis
Cyber Fusion Engine
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Cyber Insights

General Data Protection Regulation

Download and read our white paper on the forthcoming GDPR legislation and what it means for your organisation.


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Cyjax Secures ISO 27001 Certification

Cyjax achieves ISO 27001 certification demonstrating world-class information security Cyjax...