Cyjax monitors the Internet to identify the digital risks to your organisation, including cyber threats, reputational risks and the Darknet.

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We leverage innovative technology, automation and applications to deliver real-time, class-leading cyber threat intelligence to our customers worldwide.

Cyjax proactively looks for the data that you tell us to find.

We combine the intelligent use of our technology, innovative thinking and experienced intelligence personnel to provide a platform that allows users to easily and quickly build a meaningful cyber threat intelligence capability.

We deliver threat intelligence to leading organisations around the world. Using advanced cyber scanning techniques, we provide services including intelligence gathering, fraud and crime investigation, and stolen assets recovery to customers in the financial, energy, transportation and media sectors.
We give our clients and their security teams access to our proprietary data stores, which form the basis for combating existing criminal operations targeted against them. We enable rapid, evidence-based responses to on-going cyber campaigns, and the investigation of attacks that have already resulted in assets being stolen.

We closely monitor both the Clearnet and the Darknet on behalf of our clients, providing intelligence information to their security teams under our Intelligence Managed as a Service (IMaaS) programme, which uses our comprehensive, web-based cyber security platform that gives clients direct access to our analysts.
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General Data Protection Regulation

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